Pete Campbell

“Campbell sensei is the Dojo Cho (administrator) of the dojo, and holds a 3rd dan in Shotokan karate. In August of 2023, the 15th soke of Mukushin-ryu Bujutsu- Ohashi sensei, unexpectedly passed away having not named a successor to the ryuha. In December of that same year, Campbell sensei met with the Ohashi family to insure the title of soke stay within the family. At that time, Campbell sensei, who had been a direct student of Ohashi sensei for over 20 years was named Kancho (administrative & technical head) of Mukushin-ryu Bujutsu.

In 2007, Campbell senseie was given the name “Seishin” (sincere heart) by Ohashi sensei because of his sincere dedication to the preservation and transmission of Mukushin-ryu. Campbell sensei believes that to truly understand any martial art, one must look beyond the techniques and principals of the art itself, and into the culture and spirit in which they were originally created.


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