Abu Haider

Effort, honest intentions, the help of the Creator lead to the peak of progress

Haider sensei has been studying Shotokan Karate for over 20 Years. He has trained with various Shotokan instructors over the years and currently holds the rank of 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate-do and 3rd in Kobudo. In addition to Shotokan Karate, he has also studied Judo & Aikido since his early days of training and briefly taught Judo to a team in the Bangladesh Army. Haider sensei is the Head Instructor for Shotokan Karate-do and Kobudo here at Rising Sun Dojo.

Haider sensei places great emphasis in mastering the fundamentals and takes great interest in the history, philosophy, development, and the lives of the masters of all martial arts traditions.

Haider sensei is also the founder and developer of (formerly, a Dojo Finder helping people find Martial Arts Schools since 2004.


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