Mukushin Ryu Bujutsu

“Rising Sun Dojo is currently the only Shibu dojo outside of Japan for Mukushin-Ryu bujutsu training-Campbell sensei has been a direct student of Ohashi Kenshin, souke-15th generation Headmaster of Mukushin-Ryu from 2001 until his passing in 2023. Our training consists primarily of iai-Jutsu and ken-Jutsu. Students learn Kihon (basic techniques) and various drills to learn not only the manipulation of the sword but footwork and movement. Kata and kumitachi is added to this. After a sufficient level of proficiency, tameshigiri is introduced, as well as the student may begin training in some of the other weapons such as han-jo or syuriken. From the very onset of training, students are exposed to and taught a wide range of Japanese culture and history, and how it relates to the techniques and mindset of martial arts training.”

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Mukushin Ryu Bujutsu
Class Schedule of Mukushin Ryu Kobujutsu
Day Time Jr./Sr.
Monday 8:00pm – 9:30pm -
Thursday 8:00pm – 9:30pm -
Saturday 12:00pm – 2:00pm -

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