Aikido Classes in Kissimmee, St. Cloud & Orlando

“In our current era human beings, individually and collectively seem to suffer the internal discord originating from the lack of awareness of - and connection to - the rich inexhaustible flow of the Kannagara, the holographic spiraling movements of divine nature… The potent martial way of Aiki-do as transmitted to Ueshiba O-Sensei (Kaiso/ founder, Ueshiba Morihei) by Aiki Oyagami: Sarutabiko Okami is meant to answer this call, healing the anxiety/ discomfort resulting from the lack of grounded connection to the flow of Inochi/ life. The efficacy of this profound treasure stems from the physiological and energetic organization of consciousness, a stance on the sacred Earth and in the world that we can call the Aiki Body or the listening body. Together shall we activate our KI via focused determined efforts and makoto/ deep sincerity so we may walk the "Aiki-no-Michi". Shall we penetrate beneath the surface and enter the rich transcendent depths of the Kannagara realm, utilizing the sacred technologies of ancient Shinto -- we can stand firmly on the living Earth, understand the voices of the birds, trees and rain--- purify various obstacles and progress in accord with our unique individual missions.

Aikido Classes in Kissimmee, St. Cloud & Orlando

We often speak of “Mother Nature” this is really an accurate intuition…as all life is based on the model of parent and child --- we can gratefully receive the daily blessings of Mother Nature and the force of life.. this Force of Life (Life Force of Great Nature ) is called Kannagara. We can say this is “like Nature” or “the way of the proceeding in accord with Nature.

To live the fulfilled, grounded, cheerful and positive life we must activate and re-activate our KI, our spiritual energy. again and again. When we can generate and harmonize with the KI we become Genki/ filled with vitality and able to function at a high level of life power. Through the profound movements of Aiki that exist to tie the movements of life with the rising and falling of the KI we can become grounded and vital — filled with the wisdom, power, courage and great KI that is necessary in this current age to find the way forward.”

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Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm -
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